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Spinal cord injuries are complex, causing symptoms ranging from numbness and tingling to severe pain or complete loss of sensation and motion. Even a mild spinal cord injury can cause permanent debilitating symptoms. If you or a loved one suffered a spinal injury due to another party's negligence, you may be entitled to collect damages for your losses.

Like all serious injury claims, it is best to work with an experienced personal injury trial lawyer to maximize your chance of receiving compensation for a spinal cord injury. At Walker, Hamilton & Koenig, LLP, we fight hard for the rights of injury victims, often taking cases other law firms cannot settle. Please call our office or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with our San Francisco spinal cord injury attorneys.

Quadriplegia and Paraplegia

Vehicle accidents cause approximately 40 percent of all spinal cord injuries. Slip-and-fall accidents and falls from elevated heights account for another 20 percent of the injuries. Knife and gunshot wounds, and surgical errors and other types of medical malpractice can also cause spinal injuries.

The higher on the spine an injury occurs, the more spinal nerves may be damaged, affecting more organs and body systems. An injury in the neck (upper cervical region of the spine) may result in quadriplegia and complete loss of sensation below the injury location. When the cord is damaged at the C1 or C2 vertebrae level, the injury may result in wrongful death.

A spinal injury in the lower back (lumbar region) may cause a loss of sensation and motion in the lower body and legs. Paralysis or paraplegia may be the result. Paraplegia and quadriplegia sufferers may experience problems with bladder and bowel control, and additional organ dysfunction. If confined to a wheelchair or bed, these patients are also at risk for pressure sores and infection.

Additional Spinal Injuries

Disk injuries (herniation, compression, ruptures) and fractured vertebrae can cause severe chronic pain as well as muscle weakness and reduced mobility. A pinched spinal nerve can also result in chronic debilitating pain.

Whether the injury causes pain or resulted in paraplegia or quadriplegia, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, medical equipment, modifications to your home or vehicle, and pain and suffering. We build strong cases by working with medical experts, economists and life-care planners.

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