Representative Cases

All Types of Cases

We have successfully handled cases of all types. These include vehicle collisions, unsafe premises and streets, helicopter and aircraft crashes, injuries on trains and boats and recreational activities such as skiing, horse riding, zip line riding and injuries on tour excursions.

All Locations In California And The USA

Whether it is a cable car collision in San Francisco, a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, a pedestrian knocked down by a cyclist in Central Park, New York, or a cruise liner roll over in Florida waters, we have successfully resolved cases all over the USA. Sometimes we can resolve such cases before litigation is required and sometimes we co-counsel with top local attorneys to achieve the most effective representation for our clients.


Truck with defective brakes kills UK visitor in California wine country collision.

Unsafe path at California restaurant causes Canadian visitor to trip and fracture arm and hip.

Texas freeway cross over collision severely injures California family.

Las Vegas hotel room with cracked table glass seriously injures child.