Injuries Outside the United States

United States residents injured while traveling abroad on aircraft, ships and on foreign trips may be able to recover compensation in the United States for the harm they have suffered outside the country. So, too, may their relatives if they have been killed.

We Are Experienced In Handling Foreign Claims

Walker, Hamilton & Koenig, LLP has extensive experience in handling cases involving aircraft, ships and foreign accidents and the expertise to determine whether, in any given case, a claimant may have the opportunity of obtaining access to justice though an American court rather than having to pursue a claim in a foreign country.

Examples Of Cases Handled Include:

  • Nevada resident injured in Nurnberg Airport, Germany while in transit to her international flight.
  • International air passenger in transit from London to San Francisco suffering internal injuries from swallowing foreign object concealed in airline meal.
  • UK resident dies from internal injuries suffered in cruise ship cabin during near capsize of cruise ship in Florida.

Assistance In Securing A Foreign Lawyer

Sometimes, if we cannot secure jurisdiction for a claim in the United States, we may be able help you find a lawyer in a foreign jurisdiction, especially Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.