San Francisco Catastrophic Injury Attorney

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Serious accidents often result in serious injuries. Did you know that the severity of your injury could affect the amount of compensation owed to you? If the physical harm you suffer from an accident is enough to cause long-term impairment or permanent damage, you may be able to pursue damages for catastrophic injury.

If you suffered in any of the following ways, do not wait to contact a San Francisco catastrophic injury lawyer from our office.

  • Brain injury, including concussion and post-concussive syndrome
  • Burn injury, including thermal burns
  • Paralysis or paraplegia
  • Spinal cord injury

Additional types of serious and catastrophic injuries that we can legally address include loss of limb(s), acoustic trauma, scarring / disfigurement, vision loss, and physiological disorders induced by trauma.

How do I know if I have a case?

At Walker, Hamilton & Koenig, LLP, we are here to help you determine whether or not you have cause for a catastrophic injury claim in San Francisco. Together, our team has been working in the legal field for more than a century, and we have seen all types of catastrophic injury cases.

When you call our firm for a free consultation, we can review the details of your accident and injury. From there, we will decide if it is in your best interests to pursue compensation. We are prepared to help you file a claim, fight a claim denial, or even take your case to court if need be.

At Walker, Hamilton & Koenig, LLP, we don't require you to know whether or not you have a case. We will make that determination for you. As soon as you call our personal injury office to schedule a free evaluation, we can begin the legal process. Don't wait to contact us today!