How It Works

Many of our cases come from other attorneys and we gladly pay referral fees. In fact, we consistently pay more than $1 million in referral fees every year.

Because we specialize in trying cases, and because of our resources and experience, we are often brought in when a case fails to settle. In other situations, a client is directed to us at the outset, and we sign the client to our contract as opposed to that of the referring attorney. Regardless of when we are brought into a case, we pay referral fees and work as closely with the referring attorney as that attorney desires.

Once we are brought into a case, we either become sole counsel of record or we become lead counsel. In either situation, we take primary responsibility for strategy, discovery, trial preparation, settlement negotiations, witness-gathering, expert witness procurement, trial, post-trial (including liens), and appeals.

Our referral fees are competitive with those of the other high quality trial lawyers in the Bay Area and can vary depending on the amount of input, work, and expense contributed by the referring attorney. Within the provisions of California law and the Code of Ethics, we always pay something for the referring attorney’s work—and that payment can range as high as 50% in some situations.